St. James Academy Covid-19 Activity Release and Waiver

This REQUIRED waiver must be signed by each athlete & parent or guardian BEFORE they are allowed to workout or attend camp at SJA this summer. Please submit this document before the first day of workouts/camp.  


Outdoor/Indoor COVID-19 Athlete/Coach Monitoring Form 

This REQUIRED form will need to be filled out EVERYDAY for anyone who is going to workout/camps on SJA property. Note that you will need to take your son/daughter’s temperature everyday.  The form can be filled out by the parents or the students, but we MUST have this on file everyday before workouts or high school camps.


KSHSAA Recommended Considerations for Summer Activities


Extertional Heat Illness Information, Guidelines and Recommendations


Reminders for Outdoor workouts starting June 15th:

  • Bring your own water bottle.
  • Bring your own workout equipment.
  • No gum or sunflower seeds. No spitting.
  • Restrooms only available for emergencies.
  • No parking out back. 
  • Please drop off athletes in the back by the northeast entrance to the field. Our trainer Josh Adams will be there to help monitor for heat illnesses as we transition back to working out outside with a tent and water tubs.



Completion of the KSHSAA Physical Form along with the KSHAA Recommended Concussion and Head Injury Information Release Form is required of all students participating in ALL ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES (including cheer and dance). These forms must be completed after May 1 to be effective for the following school year. The form must be signed by a physician and the Parental Permission portion must be completed and signed by a parent and student. The form is available in the Activities Office and at www.KSHAA.org.

Download 2020-21 Physical/Concussion Form


Weather-related schedule changes will be made on the day of the event. All decisions will be posted as soon as made final.

All activity and practice routines will be reduced in length and scope.  Practice time will include, but not be limited to, more frequent water breaks, limited padding in the case of football, the use of shade and conditioning drills for the heat conditions.  All St. James Academy coaches are required by KSHSAA to complete a heat illness prevention and hydration education program.  The Athletic Director reserves the right to adjust practices and games as needed.


Activity and Athletics Grade Checks

Grade checks for all students in activities and athletics will begin after the 3rd full week of each semester. First-semester grade checks will begin the week of September 10 and second-semester grade checks the week of January 28. Grade checks for these students will be run every Monday morning. Any student having a grade under 72%, will be required to meet with their teacher(s) at least one (1) time before/after school or during Thunder Block the following week. Information regarding Thunder Block may be found under Academics. Athletes should still attend practice during the week, provided they have met with their teacher(s) at least once. Students will be required to meet with their teacher at least once (1) a week until their grade is above passing during the weekly grade check. Students with a failing grade for four (4) consecutive weeks in the same class will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular competitions, games or performances until the grade is passing (67% or higher). Students, coaches, and parents will be notified when a student reaches three (3) consecutive weeks for the same class. Special situations involving eligibility will be reviewed by the assistant principal and the athletic & activities director and their decision will be final. The purpose of this eligibility policy is not to punish students, but rather to help them maintain a proper balance between academics and athletics and activities.

Co-Curricular Activities

Students who are enrolled in a semester or year-long band, choir, orchestra, debate, or forensics class are participants in a co-curricular activity. By enrolling in one of these classes, the student is making a commitment to honor all required performances and rehearsals during and outside of school hours. Should a required, curricular event, rehearsal or performance occur during the school day, the student is obligated to attend the event. Discipline issues will be discussed on an individual basis with the administration and director. Solo and Ensemble performances (when not required for class) are subject to the eligibility requirements under “Activity and Athletics Grade Checks.”


The following guidelines have been established as the approved representation of St. James Academy Athletics. The Thunder graphic identity is a key component of the overall brand identity of St. James Academy in Lenexa, Kansas.

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